Arguably the most famous car in cinema history, the DB5 is synonymous with 007. Since its first appearance in Goldfinger in 1964, this Aston Martin has appeared in a range of Bond films, including the recently-released No Time To Die.

Playmobil has now replicated the model, featuring a range of elements that pay homage to the real deal. A highlight is the ejector seat, which works here by pressing the exhaust pipe, before catapulting whoever may be in the passenger seat out of the car.

Another element that will be appreciated by many will be the rotating number plates, which are able to hide the identity of the car. Retractable machine guns can also be found behind the headlights, along with a bulletproof shield that pops up behind the rear window.

The Playmobil Bond car even includes character figures out of the Goldfinger film – including (unsurprisingly) James Bond, villain Auric Goldfinger, Henchman Oddjob and another security guard.

At £69.99, the Playmobil model represents a fraction of the price of a real DB5 – which are worth in the region of £1,000,000 – too, with the model on sale now.

It’s the latest 007-themed piece of memorabilia to launch as No Time To Die airs in cinemas, with the The Little Car Company recently replicating a scaled-down DB5 that’s powered by electricity, though does cost a steep £90,000.