It’s extremely difficult to label any Super Bowl advert as “the best Super Bowl advert ever made” because so many multinational businesses spend millions of dollars creating high-production marketing masterpieces for the annual American football extravaganza.

But this year saw Jaguar come close when the British marque enlisted the help of Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong for a mini-film titled ‘Rendezvous’.

The awesome advert saw the famous British faces menacingly chat about the ‘art of villainy’ as the ferocious Jaguar F-Type blasted around the streets of London.


Million people have viewed the Jaguar Super Bowl advert online.

Jaguar has decided to continue the story by allowing each of its A-listers to divulge their thoughts on ‘The Art of Villainy’, which can be seen on YouTube or the Jaguar USA website.

The video above is just brilliant. Beautifully shot – thanks to director Tom Hooper’s artistic vision and superbly acted by Hiddleston – the short film sees the snarling F-Type Coupe take on its enemies (keen eyes will notice they are Porsches).

The original ‘Rendezvous’ film will be condensed down to 30 seconds and played out on British television, while longer versions can be seen before the trailers of this spring’s hottest cinema releases.

The new F-Type Coupe is the most exciting sports car Jaguar has ever produced.

Ken Forbes, Jaguar UK Marketing Director said: “The new F-Type Coupe is the most exciting sports car Jaguar has ever produced, so this advertisement and supporting campaign had to be equally engaging.

“The ‘British Villains’ theme has already proved extremely popular, with more than 12 million views for ‘Rendezvous’ recorded online. I am delighted that during April and May, the best in British film talent will be seen on screens across Great Britain as part of this innovative Jaguar campaign.”

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