Toyota has set a new record for the distance travelled in a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with its new Mirai.

The Japanese firm, which continues to be one of only a handful of firms that sells hydrogen cars, recently introduced its new second-generation Mirai fuel cell vehicle, bringing advancements in technology, design and efficiency.

The new Mirai is capable of an official 400 miles on a single ‘tank’ of hydrogen, but a team in France has broken that record by travelling 1,003km (623 miles) before needing to be refuelled. Though Toyota said its drivers ‘adopted an economical driving style’, it added that it was nothing that couldn’t be ‘replicated in everyday driving’.

The journey, which took place around Orly, just south of Paris, was measured and certified by an independent authority. Toyota also says green hydrogen was used, with the Mirai’s efficiency figure measured at 0.55 kg/100km.

Frank Marotte, CEO of Toyota France, said: “It’s an amazing result that we achieved with the new Mirai. One that embodies the mindset of going beyond our own limits.. It is through strong partnerships that we will be able to contribute to a better and more environmentally friendly society.”

The second-generation Mirai has recently been launched, offering a 30 per cent greater range than before, but also a list price that’s almost 25 per cent lower. The new Mirai is on sale now, with prices starting from £49,995.