In our second report from our used-car listings, we find off-roaders at low, low prices.

Just how cheaply can you pick up an off-roader nowadays? The answer is ‘very’.

A hunt through what’s listed for sale on will turn up some amazing-value cars.

First, we scanned the 200,000 vehicles advertised on our site and found this Hyundai Sante Fe (left). It’s four years old (04-reg) and is showing 20,000 miles, which is very low for its age. For sale privately and with just one owner from new, this 2.4 petrol-engined 4×4 is up for just £4500 – or a quarter of what it originally cost. Better still, because Hyundai offers a five-year warranty on its cars from new, this one still has six months of that original cover remaining. If you want a chunky, capable mid-sized off-roader, it’s definitely worth a look.

If you’re after a nearly new off-roader and you’ve a taste for luxury trim teamed with quirky looks, Subaru’s oddball B9 Tribeca merits investigation. This SE5 model musters a mighty 240bhp from its 3.0 petrol motor, while its cabin has leather seats and climate control. This 2007, 07-reg 4×4 has covered just 9400 miles and £17,995 is asked – little more than half its original £32,200 list price. But while car prices are falling, some still fetch premium sums.

Even though the new-age Mini Cooper is now seven years old and new ones have sold like crazy throughout that time, demand is such for used examples that we still couldn’t find one for less than £5000. The cheapest had was £5495 for this Maidstone car dealer’s 2002, 02-registered model (left). It’s covered 62,000 miles, has a service history, a fresh MoT certificate and a warranty.

Volkswagen’s Polo Bluemotion is currently the ‘greenest’ conventionally powered car you can buy. Clever tuning and other refinements means that its 1.4-litre, 80bhp diesel engine can return up to 74 miles per gallon while pumping out just 99g/km of CO2. That’s clean enough to qualify for free road tax. Demand for the little car has been huge. It’s been around for almost a year now, but dealers still charge near-new prices for the few you’ll see second-hand. We found one VW main agent in Devon asking a cool £13,995 for a fully-specced Bluemotion 2 five-door on 08-reg and having covered 2500 miles (right).

All of these were advertised as for sale this morning. If any has you checking your bank balance to see if there’s enough there, ensure first by phoning that someone else hasn’t beaten you to the deal.