Hummer is an American brand synonymous with huge thirsty SUVs, which are some of the biggest cars on the roads.

While briefly sold in the UK, Hummer was always more prominent in the US, where the desire for cars of this type is greater.

In 2010, American automotive giant General Motors, the owner of Hummer, announced the brand was shutting down, and since then it has remained dormant.

However, a decade later, the firm is back, and this time is using electric motors for power, rather than big V8 engines.

Revived as a sub-brand of GMC, the firm is promising “unprecedented off-road capability and extraordinary on-road performance” from its new GMC Hummer EV, which rivals the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck and American start-up Rivian’s new range of 4x4s.

It’s the first electric GMC and claims to offer nearly 1,000bhp from its three electric motors and a battery that can deliver 350 miles of range, along with 350kW charging capability that means 100 miles of charge could be added in just 10 minutes. All that performance means it could hit 60mph in an astonishing three seconds.

Other features on this 4×4 include a large 13.4-inch media screen, 12.3-inch digital dial setup and removable panels in the roof to offer open-air driving. GMC is also claiming autonomous assistance tech enables ‘hands-off driving’.

In terms of off-road performance, four-wheel steering claims to allow the Hummer to ‘crab’ diagonally, which enhances off-road ability. Huge 35-inch off-road tyres are also included as standard.

Production of the GMC Hummer EV will start in 2021, with sales beginning the following year. It’s unlikely to be brought over to the UK, given General Motors doesn’t officially sell any cars here, despite owning brands like Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet.