To help you get the answers to what really matters to you we have divided the car buying journey into four topics – so you can submit your questions to the right ‘In the Know’ panellist for the job. Our topics are:

Finding the right car for you

Need some help finding a car that fits your exact needs and lifestyle? – a car that covers everything on your ‘must have’ list? or you simply haven’t got a clue where to start and some help is what you need. Well then, James is here to help.

James Batchelor

James has been a motoring journalist for over 10 years and cut his teeth on the motor trade title Car Dealer Magazine, rising from tea boy to Editor. Since then he had a long spell at Britain’s best-selling weekly car magazine, Auto Express, and its sister title Carbuyer, first as News Editor and latterly as Editor-at-Large and Head of Motoring Video. During this time, he was also the face of Carbuyer on its hugely popular YouTube channel and regularly appeared on television and radio as a motoring expert. He’s now freelance and writes for a number of leading automotive titles, including, and produces low-rent videos on his YouTube channel. When not writing or driving, he’s scouring the classifieds for cars he doesn’t need.

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Buying a car

So, you have seen the one you want, it has everything you need and now the time has come to reach out to that seller. Feel like you don’t know where to start? – Are there any secrets to bagging yourself a good deal? Or just want some guidance on exactly what you need to do to make that car yours? Then Rebecca can certainly help.

Rebecca Chaplin

Rebecca has been writing about cars since 2014, having been a car fan from a young age with a series of unusual as daily drivers or static additions on the driveway.

She transferred this passion for buying, selling and sort of maintaining into a career, specialising in cars of all ages.

She’s written for consumer publications such as Auto Express and Car Buyer and trade titles including Car Dealer and Motor Pro. Now she can often be found writing for Classic Car Buyer and Car Mechanic about the trials and tribulations of car auctions.

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With so many options out there to purchase your ‘new’ used car, how do you know if the payment option is right for you? Or could an alternative route be a better option for your financial lifestyle? We have our very own financial guru for you, please meet Laura.

Laura Weston

After enjoying a 20 year career with the one of the World’s Largest Banks, Laura is founder of a financial coaching business, Savvy Peacocks. Laura is also a co-parenting mother to 3 children and a puppy so it’s a good job she works best when she’s busy!

Savvy Peacocks support families to break down the taboo subject of money within the home through a collaborative learning approach for both parents and children. They have a mission to increase financial literacy across the UK through our future generations working with children as young as 5 yr old up to 21 yr olds.

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Car Care

Want to speak fluent garage talk and understand what those dash icons mean? – Or how many miles do you have left when your fuel light comes on? Let our mechanic Hannah breakdown all you want to know.

Hannah Gordon

A mechanic and workshop owner with over 15 years of experience working on vehicles. In the past, I’ve specialised in air-cooled Porsches and classic car restoration.

Just gained my level 3 in hybrid and electric repairs whilst also appearing on Channel 4’s Mend it for Money restoring old cars.

Regularly documents what it’s like to own a 150k mile Porsche 911 on YouTube.

Owns too many cars and should probably get rid of some!

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Every week we will pick a handful of questions and share these with our panellists, who will then use their knowledge to answer your questions. Find our panellists pages below –