Today, we’re looking at some particular celebrities who are celebrating a birthday today – and a particular car that should be celebrating too.

April 26th might not seem like a very exciting date in the history of human civilisation, but some exciting events have happened on this day across the centuries: whether that’s the Duke of York getting married (1923), the Gestapo being established (1933), a Rolling Stones concert being shut down after 15 minutes due to rioting (1965) or nuclear reactor accidents at Chernobyl (1986), this day has certainly been eventful.

The number of celebrated individuals born on April 26th is also pretty vast. Thomas Reid, an English philosopher, was born on this day in 1710, as was Austrian-born philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889). Eugene Delacroix, French Romantic painter, was born on April 26th in 1798, as was cultural icon Tomoyuki Tanaka (1910) creator of Godzilla!

Roger Taylor, former Duran Duran drummer, was also born on April 26th. Not to be confused with the other Roger Taylor, who is also a drummer – but this time for rock band Queen – this Roger Taylor left Duran Duran in 1985 to retire to a farm. Unfortunately we couldn’t find out what sort of car he drives – but the other Roger Taylor played on Queen’s not-so-seminal hit “I’m in Love with My Car”. Tenuous link!

Ms Dynamite, UK R’n’B singer and rapper, was also born today, although her relationship with cars hasn’t always been that good. In 2006, the singer was involved in a high-speed car crash during the filming for a reality TV show for Sky called ‘The Race’ (don’t remember that one). Other notable April 26th babies include racing car driver Jose Maria Lopez, who has won several titles including the Formula Renault Italia in 2002.

Which brings us nicely onto our birthday car of the month, the Renault Megane! Launched in April 1996, later remodels of this car were criticised for the ‘backside’ hump that protruded rather unattractively from the rear. However, Renault – in true marketing style – worked with that rather than against it and created another iconic car advert (like those we showed you yesterday) with a great Basement Jaxx soundtrack. At we’ve got a great range of used Renaults so you too can enjoy a little boogie as you tootle along the streets of Paris. Or Sheffield, whichever is more likely.