Crime or civil dispute?

  • Fraud and civil disputes are reported and dealt with differently 
  • Understanding the difference isn’t always straightforward
  • By utilising the resources below you should be able understand if you’re a victim of crime or involved in a civil dispute and take the relevant action
  • Criminal fraud is reported to the police and brought before a Magistrates or Crown Court – defendants can be fined or imprisoned if found guilty
  • Civil disputes are brought before a civil court – the claimant may recover property and/or compensation if successful

What to do if you are a victim of fraud

  • Report the crime via Action Fraud – the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre – who will pass the details onto the police where relevant, make a not of any reference numbers that are provided
  • If the dealership is listed on a third party website, make a report to that website providing details of the dealership and the vehicle 
  • If applicable, report to any social media platforms where you saw advertisements
  • Contact VSTAG

Useful links

Here are some helpful links from industry leaders that can assist you in learning more about online safety and buying a vehicle.

Citizens Advice is a useful place to start as they have helpful resources to check scams, as well as information on the best way to report potential scams and fraud.

  • Action Fraud – National fraud and cyber crime reporting
  • Citizens Advice – Consumer rights and online tool to check if you’ve been scammed
  • DVLA – Check documents
  • DVSA – MOT checks
  • Get Safe Online – Information on online safety
  • GOV.UK – MOT, emissions and tax advice

Protecting you on

We’ve partnered with VSTAG (the Vehicle Safe Trading Advisory Group) to help protect you from fraud during the online vehicle transaction process.


Do you think you’ve been a victim of fraud or spotted something we should know about regarding a dealer advertising on our platform? Please let us know, we want your experience to be as safe as possible.

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