A four-year-old boy in Minnesota stole his great grandfather’s car keys, before going on a one-and-a-half-mile drive because he ‘wanted Reese’s’.

Sebastian, 4, started his quest for peanut butter chocolates by using a zimmerframe as a climbing aid, so he could take the keys to the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV on the driveway.

Having seen his great-grandfather drive before, he had remembered how to get the car moving, and slotted it into gear, proceeding to drive down a main road during morning rush hour in Blaine, Minnesota.

Understandably, the tot’s driving technique wasn’t quite up to scratch, and several motorists called the police to inform them of the erratically-driven SUV.  During the journey, Sebastian flattened several mailboxes, and also had a glancing altercation with a tree, which saw part of the Hyundai’s bumper ripped away.

Once Sebastian arrived at the petrol station he had clocked as the ideal place for a confectionary purchase, police arrived to take him back home.

While the funny side of the tale is allowed to shine thanks to the lack of harm done, his great grandfather, Roy Becker, was quick to remind reporters that it could have been a very different story.

Becker said: “We laugh about it, but it could have been very serious. He could have hit a car, and he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt; we could have been talking about a funeral right now.”

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