Ford’s latest scrappage scheme could help drivers of older vehicles avoid T-Charge with offers of up to £7,000 to trade in their old car or van.

The T-charge has been introduced for those driving cars with Euro 4 engines and older into London. It costs an extra £10 per day on top of the congestion charge. This means motorists face paying more than £21 per day.

Ford has introduced its scrappage scheme nationwide to encourage the uptake of low-emission vehicles – and could give Londoners hoping to avoid the T-charge an interesting option. Choose a new Focus for example, and you could be offered a discount of £4,950. That includes a £2,950 saving on the car and £2000 for your old one.

To qualify your car must be registered before December 31 2009 and be Euro 5 or older.

According to Ford it has scrapped more than 7,000 vehicles already, with the scheme commencing in August earlier this year.

Chairman and managing director of Ford of Britain Andy Barratt said: “Removing the most polluting vehicles from our roads has the potential to transform air quality in congested urban areas.

“But with over 19 million such vehicles on the road, we have always campaigned for collaboration across public and private sectors.”

Ford’s latest vehicles not only meet Euro 6 standards, but offer improved fuel economy and standards of safety too.

Ford isn’t the only manufacturer to offer a scrappage scheme, however, with the likes of Citroën, Hyundai, Mercedes and Volkswagen all offering discount incentives to those whishing to trade their old car in for a brand-new one.

Citroen, for example, is offering more than £4,700 off the list price of a new Grand C4 Picasso, whilst Volkswagen is offering £5,000 off its all-new Arteon and a staggering saving of £10,000 off its all-electric e-Golf.