Fiat is on hand this year to ensure that everyone has a happy and wrapped-up Christmas by delivering ‘on-call’ festive wrapping essentials to those in the capital on Christmas Eve.

Running out of wrapping paper is something we’ve all experienced, but it’s even worse on Christmas Eve once all the shops are shut.

But thankfully Fiat is dispatching four 500s across Zones 1 and 2 in central London to deliver last-minute  wrapping essentials, with free gift boxes available containing gift wrap, tags, scissors and sticky tape available to those in these areas.

Londoners can call upon Fiat’s service by using the hashtag #WrappedbyFiat on Twitter and Instagram to summon the last-minute help, and then by stating “Help Me”, along with their postcode. Fiat’s team of elves will be monitoring these channels and will then dispatch 500s to the locations, taking into account location and availability.

Andrea Lo Presti, Fiat marketing director, said: “The Fiat 500 is a car that spreads cheer and happiness everywhere it goes, so it’s fitting that it should be there for you to ensure your Christmas celebrations go without a glitch.

“With family stress levels reaching their peak on Christmas Eve, gift givers can relax in the knowledge that if they run out of essential supplies, a response team of little helpers is only a hashtag away.”

The operation will take place between 5pm and 10.30pm, with a limited number of sets available.

Fiat’s popular 500 is available as a hatchback, convertible (500C), people carrier (500L) and a funky crossover (500X).