Fiat’s new 500 Electric city car has received the top five-star environmental rating by Green NCAP.

Green NCAP looks at the environmental efficiency of cars, analysing electric cars, along with hybrids and more conventional petrol and diesel models.

As EVs produce zero emissions as they’re driven along, they’re usually favoured and always score well in the ‘Clean Air Index’ category, which the Fiat 500 Electric got top marks in – being the first car to do so. However, Green NCAP also praised it for its efficiency, though did slightly mark it down for its standard charger, which was said to be ‘slow and inefficient’ to use.

The 500 Electric is the brand’s first EV, with a pair of battery options available, offering an electric range of up to 199 miles and 85kW rapid charging capability that means its battery can be topped up to 80 per cent in just 35 minutes.

In the latest round of testing, Green NCAP also appraised the latest Honda Jazz hybrid and Peugeot 208 diesel, which both performed well and achieved high scores for Energy Efficiency, though perhaps unsurprisingly didn’t score quite so well when it came to greenhouse gases. However, the Jazz was still rated 3.5 stars, while the diesel 208 was marked three stars.

Other five-star cars tested by Green NCAP are all electric, too, including the Volkswagen ID.3, Hyundai Kona Electric and Renault Zoe.