Not content with topping the podium in one field, F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton is hoping to top the tables in another hugely competitive arena – the music charts.

Hamilton, who took the top gong at the Sports Personality of the Year Awards over the weekend – which he attended alongside his dog, Roscoe – looks set to start a music career.

The 29-year-old driver, who has just become Formula One world champion for the second time has revealed that much of his time at his home in Colorado, USA is spent in the recording studio, playing the guitar and writing and recording songs.

For me it’s very therapeutic. Instead of going out drinking at a club I like to be in the studio.

During an interview with Style magazine over the weekend, the driver revealed that he finds creating music a therapeutic process. He added: “For me it’s very therapeutic. Instead of going out drinking at a club I like to be in the studio.”

Hamilton also stated that should he make the move into the music industry and be paid for his work, that he would be keen to put the profits from his work into supporting young people in need. The racer continued to say that he already has an insight into how tough the industry can be, through his relationship with pop star Nicole Scherzinger, reports the Sunday Times.

Explaining how he intended to use any income he may earn from the music industry Hamilton said: “I make an amazing living, so if ever I did music and I release a song and somebody wanted to buy it, I’d want to use that money to build a school or sponsor a young kid who wants to go karting.”

The world champion has already spent a lot of time in the recording studio this year. The week of October’s Japanese grand prix saw him in the studio from Monday to Wednesday and talking part in the race from Thursday to Sunday before returning to the studio. He has also spent time with chart-topper Pharrell Williams and singer-songwriter Angel in recent months.

Picture: xlucax