Two of the summer’s biggest festivals kick off this weekend, with the rocking Scottish festival T in the Park going up against its more mainstream alternative in London. Whether you’re looking forward to a set by Madchester legends The Stone Roses, or a rare festival appearance by the platinum-selling Rihanna, it’s best to plan ahead in terms of how to get there. T in the Park – Balado, Scotland: Friday 6 – Sunday 8 July The T in the Park festival is held in Balado; an area known as the former airfield regularly used by vehicles affiliated with the old NATO ground station.

As with any major event, the nearby traffic is expected to be heavy, and to cause major disruption to those unfortunate enough to be in the area for other reasons this weekend. The Travel Scotland site contains a list of roads likely to be affected by the influx of music fans. A handy guide to reaching the festival site can also be found at the Travel Scotland website; it’s recommended that those travelling from the south should access the M90 northbound route. From junction 5, a series of road markers and other methods of direction will be implemented to ensure a smooth journey for all revellers. The organisers also make a point of encouraging less cars on the road by recommending that festival-goers check out the strong public transport available; with regular Citylink T in the Park shuttle buses from 32 destinations throughout Scotland as an alternative to travelling alone in the car or, at a push, car-sharing.

There’s also a diagram of the carbon footprint you could be saving on by travelling by coach. Wireless Festival – Hyde Park, London: Friday 6 to Sunday 8 July The Wireless Festival is to be held at the north end of Hyde Park; the recommended solution for fans wishing to enjoy the stylings of Rihanna, deadmau5 and Drake throughout the weekend is to leave the car at home! London can be busy enough without the hustle and bustle of a major music festival to add to the congestion woes of those unfortunate enough to need to travel through that area during the weekend. The convenience of two tube stops at either end of the festival grounds (Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch) makes it easy for fans travelling in to check out the event. For those travelling from further away to see the Wireless Festival, the advice would still be to go by tube or bus. However, it should be possible to park a fair distance away from the festival and take public transport. The Piccadilly Line (for Hyde Park Corner) or the Central Line (for Marble Arch) should provide plenty of other places in which it’s safe and affordable to ditch the car before hopping on board to enjoy three days of the finest pop music.