Learner drivers beware. Don’t use online driving test booking services which charge over the odds. The Automobile Association issued this warning after it was contacted by a number of young learners who had unwittingly booked their driving tests using third-party commercial web sites.

The sites invite L-drivers to enter their details and preferred dates for an official, Driving Standards Agency test. They are then charged over £50 for a theory test for which the DSA charges just £31. The sites say the extra cost is for ‘administration’. And some sites add up to £30 to book a practical test – on top on the standard fees of £62 for a weekday appointment or £75 for an evening or weekend.

Simon Douglas, director of AA driving school, said these ‘so-called’ services invite you to type in the same details that you would if booking directly with the DSA. So there’s no less work involved and ultrmiately no benefit from paying extra.

‘Learning to drive involves a once in a lifetime investment in a vital skill for life,’ said Mr Douglas. ‘But paying hiked up fees for “help” to book your test is a waste of money.’ To avoid extra charges learners should book directly with the DSA.