A recent survey undertaken by Motors.co.uk has revealed that while there is a strong demand for digital radios in cars, (63% of UK motorists said they would like this feature in their next car), only 20% of cars manufactured this year will have digital radios built in, meaning the demand may not be met for many people looking to buy a new car this year. As a result, ‘nearly-new’ could be the way to go for many people looking for a car with all the mod-cons.

The survey also identified a call for in-car wifi hotspots, which among other things could be used to power speech-dictated social networking. In fact, almost 60% of people said they would like wifi in their next car. The majority of drivers (60%) would also like a satnav facility built in, rather than using a plug-in satnav device, while only 6% had an interest in in-car gaming for passengers.

A wireless music connection was among the top three most popular in-car technology features, with 45% of motorists agreeing that they would like wireless music connectivity to their MP3 or smartphone in their next car. What techy features would you like to see in your next car? Let us know on our Facebook page.

If you’re looking to sell your car, don’t forget to take account of the inbuilt gadgetry it comes with, including sought after features such as digital radios.