Recent figures have revealed that the number of cars requiring a replacement battery has doubled following the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

According to garage chain Kwik Fit, the number of vehicles that required a new battery had doubled in the four weeks leading up to May 1.

One of the reasons for the sharp demand has been as a result of the government lockdown due to coronavirus, which has meant that some vehicles aren’t being used, or if they are it’s only for short essential journeys. This means that the engine won’t be running for long enough to recharge the battery to sufficient levels.

Largely, this is an issue that’s affecting older vehicles, but there have been reported cases of newer cars suffering too.

Kwik Fit has advised motorists to start their car once or twice a week and let it run for roughly 15 minutes, if they’re not using it on a regular basis, and it’s best to do this at the warmest part of the day, if safe to do so.

It’s also recommended that car owners check their battery terminals for any signs of corrosion.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “Most of us associate battery failure with the winter months and having to call out a breakdown service to get us started after Christmas holidays.

“The lock down has had a dramatic effect on motoring and has been positive in helping control the spread of the virus, but this is one area which is storing up potential problems for motorists.

“We certainly don’t encourage anyone to use their car unnecessarily, but we hope that our advice will help some people avoid a nasty surprise when they next need their car.”

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