The Christmas present deadline is fast approaching, and as we all know, dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. What would be the festive present of their dreams? A Rolex? Nah. A Kindle? Not on your nelly. The team have a handle on what every dad is secretly looking for, and that’s a very select range of classic and refined sports cars.

We’ve aligned the thoughts of the finest motoring minds in order to produce an ‘ultimate fantasy list’ of cars that your dad has been secretly hankering after for years…

Chevrolet Corvette

Bit of a clich? we suppose, but then clich?s are often there for a reason. What dad wouldn’t want to be seen racing along in this agile, zippy stingray? While there are great models available, such as the affordable LS3 and the speedy Z06, the great Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is truly a fabulous reward for the strains and stresses of fatherhood.

Ford Mustang

Probably not one that we need to explain in any great detail, as of course the Mustang is one of the ultimate fantasy muscle cars. In a nutshell, a Mustang is THE motor for living out the James Dean fantasy.

Nissan Maxima

Because realistically, not many wives will allow their husband to trade in their family motor for a Mustang, so we’ve arrived at a great compromise. The ultimate family sedan combines comfort and luxury with a genuine possibility for family car use. Available used on for a cool £2,995.

Triumph Spitfire 1500

An early warning sign of a midlife crisis this may be, but the iconic Triumph Spitfire just has to feature in our round up of fatherhood fantasy motors. Impractical, outdated but ultimately an absolute beauty, we know that the majority of dads up and down the country would like to stash this amazing car in their garage.

Mercedes Benz 350 SL

Despite being of ze German origin, we still wistfully think of summer evenings driving through quintessentially British back roads whenever the classically beautiful Mercedes Benz is mentioned. Although the modern makes are fantastic, we still think there’s nothing more that middle aged men everywhere would like than to own a classic 350 SL.

Pontiac G8

Another realistic proposition for sports car loving father across the UK, the Pontiac G8 has four doors, a roomy trunk and the all important ferocious engine roar. Plus, if you keep the accelerator off the floor it can actually deliver a decent fuel economy.

Porsche 911

A Porsche simply had to make it on to our list, and what’s more classic than a 911?! Quite simply, even a routine trip to the shops would feel like a breeze in this efficient, creative and beautifully designed motor. No matter what the colour or generation, the 911 is the perfect ‘dream’ car for that vintage collection you’ve wanted all those years.