Traditionally, having children is the nail in the coffin for a parent’s automotive dreams. Any ambitions to own a head-turning thrill machine go out of the window in favour of seven-seats, airbags and a wipe-clean interior.

Usually the weapon of choice for those going into the daily battle of the school run is the humble people carrier. Built for economy and safety over speed, they are pretty much anathema to mums and dads who enjoy driving.

However, before you hang up your driving gloves forever, there may be a shining ray of hope in the form of a bright green, flame-spitting Ford Galaxy.

Normally the Galaxy is a likeable, practical and inoffensive vehicle. However, in the hands of tuning outfit Killer Racing Race Developments, it’s been turned into something of a weapon.

Not only has it been finished in a lurid Viper Green paint scheme, the Galaxy has been slammed to the floor and had a replacement engine fitted. Where a frugal and unexciting 2.0-litre diesel previously sat, a 300bhp 2.5-litre petrol motor from Ford’s hooligan Focus RS now resides.

And if that wasn’t enough to get the children excited about going to school, the team behind this madcap creation have fitted a flame device to the exhaust, which spits foot-long plumes of fire – just the thing for dealing with irksome tailgaters.

If you’d rather your people carriers were somewhat less attention-seeking, you can search for a used Ford Galaxy here.