Cleaning a car before you sell it privately can add up to 600 poundsto its value.

It will cost you little time and money to get results which will guarantee a healthy premium on your next used car sale.

EurotaxGlass, Europe’s leading supplier of automotive intelligence claim that by selling a car which looks good will increase the vendor’s chance of securing a private sale at their desired price, and will eliminate the need to suffer the stress of haggling.

Jeff Paterson, Chief Car Editor at EurotaxGlass said: “Private buyers are easily put off by a dirty car – they think it is unloved and poorly maintained, and will feel justified in offering a lower price than the seller would like,”

“A thorough wash and polish and a comprehensive interior clean can really improve a vehicle’s appearance and add hundreds to its value in the private market. A very well presented, three-year-old, lower-medium-sized car like a Ford Focus or a Vauxhall Astra might realise an additional £300, while a six-year-old example would still be worth at least £150 more. For a one-year-old, upper-medium prestige car – a BMW 3-Series for example – the premium could be as much as six hundred pounds.”

This advice from EurotaxGlass comes as the level of competition rises in the current used car market. Private sellers are being urged to do everything it takes to make their vehicle stand out and a clean car will certainly create a better impression.

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