Citroen has announced that its last C1 city car has rolled off the production line in the Czech Republic. 

The C1 has spread across two generations and more than 1.2 million examples have been sold since its introduction in 2005. However, Citroen – along with sibling firm Peugeot with its 108 – have now decided to discontinue the models, with the French firm saying it’s due to ‘changes to working patterns and restricted vehicle usage in city centres’. 

Across the years the C1 has always been known for its smart design, small, town-friendly dimensions and extensive personalisation options, with the second-generation 2014 car also bringing the option of a canvas roof for open-air thrills. 


However, Citroen has confirmed its commitment to producing small and affordable models with the new electric Ami soon launching in the UK. This dinky EV appeals with its ultra-low pricing, tiny size and zero emissions, with a 46-mile electric range promised. 

At the same time, Citroen’s larger C3 supermini is gaining a new ‘You!’ trim level, which is available from just £12,995, making it exceptional value for money. The firm says this model is designed ‘for customers who prefer the flexibility of a five-door supermini and who find themselves going beyond the limits of the city’. Further details on this new version are expected in the next few months. 

While the final Citroen C1 might have rolled off the line in Kolin, the factory will continue to be used by Toyota, which now has full ownership of the plant. The facility is already helping to make the brand’s popular Yaris, as well as gearing up for the brand’s next-generation Aygo X city car.