There’s no denying that Christmas is an expensive time of year for everyone. Last year, the average spend per household over the festive period was a whopping £775. Almost £77 of this was attributed to Christmas travel. With this in mind, has done a little bit of research to work out the cheapest places to fuel up in key areas across the UK…


Savings can be made, even in the capital, with the difference between the cheapest and most expensive fuel stations being a fairly significant 16p per litre. 

At Asda in Bethnal Green you can do a spot of shopping and then top up your fuel tank for as little as 103.7p, the cheapest we could find in the London area. Alternatively, Leyco Service station in Leyton and Downs Road Service station in Clapton both have fuel on offer for less than 105p per litre. Not bad!

North west

In the North west, Tesco currently reigns supreme when it comes to low fuel costs with its stores in Baguley in Manchester and Wilmslow in Cheshire coming out at 104.9p and 105.9p per litre respectively, so be sure to stop by if you’re in the area. Your wallet will thank you!

North east

The supermarket fuel station is king in the north east with Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s all featuring in the top ten cheapest places to top up ahead of your journey home. 

Asda in Southwick and Morrisons in Seaburn come out top at just 103.7p per litre, while Sainsbury’s in Southwick is marginally more at 104.9p per litre. Lots of choice for a savvy shopper!

South east

Tiverton in Devon seems to be a bit of a cheap-fuel hot spot for the south east. Tiverton Service station has fuel on sale for 106.9p per litre, while Tesco Tiverton comes in at 105.9p and Morrisons Tiverton is cheaper still, at 104.9p per litre. Let’s just hope it’s on your route home if you’re heading to the south east!

South west

The south west looks to be one of the cheaper places to buy fuel, so count yourself (and your bank account) lucky if this is on route during your festive travels.

The top ten cheapest fuel stations all charge less than 105p per litre with many closer to the 103p mark. Asda in Greenhithe, Tilbury and Dagenham as well as Morrisons in Grays come top at 103.7p.


The east region came up with some of the cheapest fuel we could find, with Morrisons and Asda in Norwich offering it at just 103.7p. It’s a bit of a supermarket-fest again in the east when it comes to getting cheap fuel, so your best bet when driving through would be to pull into one of the leading grocery chains to fuel up.


Small Heath, Oldbury, Sutton Coldfield and Dudley all seem good choices when searching for cheap fuel this festive season while travelling through the Midlands. Asda in each of these locations has it on sale for 103.7p, as does Morrisons in Small Heath.

With all of the top five cheapest places to buy fuel in this area coming in under 104p per litre, the Midlands seems to be a good place to be if you’re looking to save valuable pennies this Christmas holiday. Lucky Midlanders!

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