The sports car game is changing. Hybrid systems are the new go-faster black art, with new flagship models from Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche all utilising the technology to make their cars both quicker and cleaner than ever before.

With six-figure price tags, the new models remain mere fantasy for the majority of car enthusiasts. One businessman from Rutland has made the dream a reality, by buying not one, but all three of the rarefied two-seaters.

Paul Bailey was already lucky enough to take possession of one of the first McLaren P1s to be built – a privilege that set him back a cool £866,000. Then, last Saturday he embarked on what on the face of it wouldn’t normally be classed as the most exciting of drives – a 35 mile schlep to his local Ferrari dealer in Nottingham.

Once there, he handed the keys to the McLaren to his wife Selena, and took delivery of a customised Ferrari LaFerrari, which he had ordered over two years ago.

Still not content, he then drove the £1.2million V12 hypercar 100 miles to Porsche Cambridge to pick up a new 918 Spyder worth £780,000.

Mr Bailey is thought to be the first to acquire all three cars, which have been produced in tiny numbers (375 for the McLaren, 499 for the Ferrari and 918 for the Porsche), and have found homes with well-heeled car fans across the globe.

As befits flagship cars from companies with their heritage in motorsport, each of the models is cutting edge and are all able to crack the 0-62mph sprint in under 3.0 seconds, and will comfortably gallop to the exciting side of 200mph.

And despite a combined horsepower of 2,740bhp, or around 22 times the power of an average family car, Mr Bailey’s carbon footprint is likely to be smaller than most diesel car drivers, with each of the three hypercars offering astonishing fuel consumption and fuel economy figures, due to their ability to run for limited periods on battery power alone.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Mr Bailey described his new fleet as “totally amazing”.

"I have been waiting, in real terms, about two years for the LaFerrari. Early images of these cars were snapped and emotions rose as delivery dates came closer.

"I was offered one of the first five UK cars but these did not have the level of personalisation that I have had.

"This is the first UK car with full personalisation and it was worth the wait.

"I live a very surreal life and being the first to own all three does not feel real. This is why I want to use and share the cars with enthusiasts.

"It is too early to say which is the best as they are all totally amazing. I will be able to better comment when I have driven them back to back on the race track."

If you’re tempted to follow in Mr Bailey’s footsteps, we’re afraid to say you’re too late; all three are now sold out. You can, search for other used Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren models on