BMW is adding extra colour to its 1 Series hatchback and 2 Series Gran Coupe models by making them available with 160 different paint options.

Previously only available on the brand’s more expensive cars, ‘BMW Individual’ gives customers a far broader choice of paint options than just the usual restricted range of 10 options.

However, the brand’s most affordable cars are also now available with this extended personalisation as the brand’s Leipzig plant in Germany – where the 1 and 2 Series Gran Coupe are produced – has been equipped with the methods needed to apply these unique colours.

BMW says that it means 160 colour options are now available on the two cars, and while black and white remain its most popular shades, ‘customers are increasingly seeking more expressive and individual paintwork’.

The exclusivity of the colours is demonstrated by the fact the factory’s paintshop can only spray five cars a day in these ‘Individual’ shades, and it’s why customers typically face a longer wait for these colours to be applied. There’s a greater need for human inspections too, with a manual sign-off needed instead of the usual automated methods.

Customers can even create their own colours, which will be specifically mixed and used for their car only.

BMW says that yellows, blues, reds and violet shades are proving the most popular at the moment, with 180 ‘Individual’ models being ordered for the Japanese market already.