took its brand image and a F1 racing champion to meet shoppers in Hull.

Is this a certain world-famous F1 racing star – or just a stand-in? We’ll leave you to decide, but ‘Lewis’* drew the crowds at the first ‘Big Blue Wheel’ roadshow in Hull this week.

The 10ft-tall BBW, star of’s television commercials, travelled to the Princes Quay shopping centre so that shoppers could be snapped beside it for a competition. The winner will star in a future series of TV commercials.

The event was staged as part of a long-running and intensive publicity campaign to raise awareness for and to publicise its tie-in with local and regional newspapers that form part of the Northcliffe Media group, which includes the Hull Daily Mail. Northcliffe Media is one of the largest regional newspaper and web site publishers in the UK, including 18 daily newspapers, 28 paid-for weeklies and 50 free newspapers. It also operates a network of 18 thisis local web sites.

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Meanwhile, next weekend the Big Blue Wheel travels to Exeter, where a competition to find another budding TV ad star will run at the Guildhall Shopping Centre on Saturday and Sunday, September 13 and 14. * professional lookalike Neil Davis.