From the hugely powerful Mercedes AMG-A45s, to the understatedly sporty Hyundai i30Ns, hot hatchbacks are a great balance of practicality and performanceThese sportier versions of everyday hatchback run-arounds reflect a taste for the finer things in life without setting the owner far back financially. They’re just the ticket for active people who want to get from A to B and want the adventure to start long before they pick up the tennis racquet, get pedalling on their mountain bike or embark on other sporting escapades.  

So why choose a hot hatch?

When you have sports gear, you’re going to bring it with you somehowA hot hatch is that somehow. The boot space is wide and access to it is easy. Then, when you and your equipment are in the vehicle and you need space, especially headroom, the hot hatch helps you out again.  
There’s also the fact these high-performance vehicles have that little something that makes them more drivable and life behind the wheel more enjoyable. Once you drive one, you very rarely look back. 

Best hot hatches for sports enthusiasts 

Now it’s time to discuss which ones are the best out there for sports enthusiasts. Strap yourself in and let’s take a look. We get this hot hatchback show on the road with the Golf GTI from Volkswagen.