Apple has also officially announced a virtual ‘CarKey’ feature which allows users to unlock and even start a car with their iPhone.

It’s set to be available with the upcoming iOS14 Apple software, but also as an update for iOS13, and will allow iPhone users to use their smartphone as a way of unlocking and starting their car using near field communication (NFC). This essentially means that the phone can ‘communicate’ with the car.

The pairing between phone and car is done through the Wallet app, and then it works with the car manufacturer’s app to complete the setup. It will only be compatible with cars that have an NFC reader as this is require as part of the setup.

CarKey can also be shared with other people too, which means that you will be able to send a ‘virtual’ car key to someone like a family member so they can gain access to the car. Apple is currently working with BMW to be the first car maker to support the system, but further are expected to join in the future.

Apple has also announced an addition of an EV charging route planner on its updated Apple Maps, which is also set to be available on iOS14 It’s designed to take some of the range anxiety that some EV drivers get when undertaking particularly long journeys where the car needs charging enroute.

The update will take into consideration charging points along the way with the driver being automatically notified where and when to charge as well as for how long, making the whole process of the road trip with an electric car much easier.