Almost a third of UK drivers admit they would drive off if they hit another car while parking, new research has revealed.

A study by car parts supplier Euro Car Parts of 2,000 drivers revealed 32 per cent across the country would choose to drive off if they damaged another car instead of telling the owner.

Drivers in London were found to be most likely to do this, with 43 per cent of respondents based in the capital admitting to it. Following in second is Oxford with 40 per cent, Liverpool and Glasgow in third and fourth respectively with each 33 per cent while Norwich rounded out the top five at 32 per cent.

This research also found women to be more likely to own up to the error, with just 32 per cent saying they would drive off compared with 38 per cent of men.

Chris Barella, Euro Car Parts vice president of sales, said: “Parking can often be a challenge for motorists, especially in cramped and busy urban environments like large cities.

“But whilst we can’t control how narrow a parking space is or how badly other people park, we can make sure that our own cars are properly equipped to be able to park in inconvenient locations. By fitting cars with parking aids like sensors and reversing cameras, drivers can ensure that they’re fully prepared for the stresses of urban parking!”

(Picture credit – GEM)