All new electrified vehicles sold in the EU must be equipped with a noise-emitting device from July 1, per a new regulation.

The new rule from the EU means that hybrids and EVs will be required to be fitted with an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS), which emits sound at speeds of up to 12mph, at a minimum volume of 56dB.

The sound emitted will be continuous, and will help pedestrians, cyclists and other road users to the presence of an electrified vehicle, which is typically near-silent at such low speeds.

Several firms have a system in place already, and for those that don’t, sound specialists Harman has developed its own AVAS system, dubbed Electronic Sound Synthesis, which it hopes will be picked up as an off-the-shelf solution by some manufacturers.

Jaguar was the first to introduce the system for its all-electric I-Pace SUV, which was tested along with the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity.

John Welsman, of Guide Dogs for the Blind, said: “There are two million children and adults living in the UK affected by sight loss. That is why Guide Dogs campaigned hard to make it compulsory for quiet vehicles to have sound generating systems built in and turned on, including when the vehicle is stationary at a pedestrian crossing.

“We applaud Jaguar for being the first to launch an EV which meets standards before the new legislation even comes in and look forward to working with the company more in the future.”

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