More than 43 years after production began, VW has killed off the Scirocco.

Volkswagen has hit the kill switch to make way for production of other models, including the all-new T-Roc SUV.

Head of PR for Volkswagen UK, Mike Orford said: “We are no longer taking new customer orders for the Scirocco. There are, however, a limited number of cars within the Retailer network available for customers. No replacement is currently planned, as the plant is building the T-Roc.

However, the Scirocco isn’t the only car to get axed. The Beetle isn’t long for this world either, with Autocar reporting that it will be removed from the lineup once the current generation reaches the end of its production life.

Named after a desert wind, the third generation of Scirocco first appeared as the Iroc concept. For much of its life it has been a popular car, however, last year sales seemed to dwindle with just 10,752 being sold worldwide.

Based on the Volkswagen Golf it had great underpinnings from the get-go. It looked better than the Golf and was aimed at the younger driver who wanted the reliability and nature of a Golf but didn’t need an overly practical hatch.

There was even a hot version called the Scirocco R, with 262bhp. The most popular were the diesel and petrol models which sold in their thousands across the UK.

Throughout its long life, the Scirocco has taken a rocky road. It was dropped in 1992 in favour of the much-loved Corrado, and then the name was reintroduced more than 16 year later in 2008 with the current generation. With no announcement on the model being reintroduced any time soon, the fate of the model is unknown.