SEAT has always had a long reputation of building small cars which are often rebranded with other manufacturers, and the Mii is no different: It’s also available as the Skoda Citigo and Volkswagen Up. But what is is that sets it apart?

There are few distinguishing features that make it standout from its Volkswagen Group siblings. Other than the obvious badging, the front ends are slightly different, thanks to a redesigned grill and headlamps. Other than that, theres little that truly sets it apart. In fact, it lacks some of the Spanish flair we’ve come to associate with the brand.

Inside, the dash is clutter-free and all controls are well placed and clearly marked. The driving position is pretty good too, although the steering wheel only adjusts for height. There's lots of space in the front and back for four adults, and the boot, albeit not gigantic, is on a par with rivals and can be expanded further thanks to split folding rear seats.

Power comes in the form of a one litre petrol with either 59bhp or 75bhp. Realisitically both versions are at home around town, while the more powerful is better suited to motorway driving. However, a 0-60 time of nearly 13 seconds won't set the world alight.

The ride is impressively supple and the steering is light and responsive, making it perfect for squeezing into tight parking spaces or u-turns. 

The Mii is a good financial offering when lined up against other city cars, but the Citigo has better financial deals, and the VW Up has an improved interior, albeit for a bigger stickerprice. 

So that’s what we think of the SEAT Mii, but what do our pair of young drivers make of it? Watch the video above to hear their opinions.