Ever since Jaguar produced the E-Type in the '60s it's failed to recreate the magic of the two-seater sports car. That is, until now with this: The F-Type.

The Jaguar F-Type is available as a two-seater roadster or a coupe, like the one in the video above. No matter the angle, the F-Type is a real thing of beauty. Whether it's the swooping shoulder line, sculpted rear arches or those tail lamps that hark back to the classic E-Type design, you'll enjoy looking at it as much as you will driving it. That's even truer with this V8 version which gets the more aggressive sports design pack, which is an option on lesser powered models.

It's much the same story when it comes to the interior; it's beautifully laid out and although it's quite compact, it never feels claustrophobic. The Jaguar F-Type we have reviewed here is the range-topping R version, so as you can imagine for a car that costs nearly £100,000, it comes loaded with all the toys: Fully adjustable heated seats and steering wheel (all electric of course), touch screen entertainment unit with satellite navigation, as well as the F-Type's party piece, the exhaust button which transforms it from a mild mannered cruiser to into a ferocious monster – handy if you want to annoy the neighbours first thing in the morning.

The build quality and materials are truly first rate. The cabin is swathed in leather and apart from a couple of cheap plastics here and there, there's nothing to be negative about. The boot is bigger than the one in the drop-top version boasting 407 litres of space – about enough for a couple of medium sized suitcases.

The F-Type is available in three different versions: There's a 3 litre V6 with 343bhp; there's a 3 litre V6 Supercharged with 375bhp; and this 543bhp 5 litre V8. It's pretty hard to justify the top of the range because of its extensive running costs, but in reality any of them are good.

The first thing you'll notice is the ferocious soundtrack, whether it's when you breathe life into the car or when you find an empty stretch of road and really open it up. Ticking the active sports exhaust on the options list just adds another dimension to an already impressive driving experience – it'll have you revving the engine just a little bit harder which won't help your fuel economy, but in reality, who cares? This is a pure driver's car.

The V8 model gets full wheel drive and at no point does it feel bogged down or overweight. The steering has a nice weighty feel to it and it's precise, meaning when you do find those deserted roads you can place it exactly where you want and when you push it into a corner, the firm ride means body lean is well maintained.

Whether it's the F-Type's stunning looks or the incredible soundtrack, this sporty Jaguar turns heads wherever it goes.

That's what we think of the car, but what does a sports car owner make of it? Watch the video to find out.