Alfa Romeo has always had a rich history of sports cars but over recent years it's been more focused towards family and executive cars.

That's all changed with the 4C – the two seater sports car that's gunning for the Lotus Elise and even premium offerings like the Porsche Cayman.

Alfa Romeo is known for producing attractive cars and this is certainly no different. It's straight out of the supercar mold – the front hints at the stunning 8C supercar, while the rear takes inspiration from the 33 stradale of the late '60s. It's a really lovely blend of retro and modern design, it's just a shame that the front grille is so prominent that it forces the number plate to one side.

As you'd expect for a sporty two seater, the interior is pretty cosy. It's not as awkward to get in and out of as a Lotus Elise but then again, it's not the most dignified process either. The Alfa Romeo 4C has also got a bit more of a premium feel to it compared with the Lotus with luxuries such as satellite navigation, electric windows and even cruise control.

There are also some nice supercar touches too, like the reverse and neutral buttons to control the drive. It looks like it's been taken straight from a Ferrari. Other nice touches include the flat-bottom steering wheel, leather door pulls and seats. The boot isn't that big though, with just enough space for a weekend bag.

For a car that looks as 'baby supercar' as this, you'd expect it to go as well as its looks would suggest and it doesn't disappoint. It's powered by a 1.75 litre turbo petrol engine that pumps out 237bhp, which is good for 0-60 in around four seconds.

It's a much more driver-involved experience than rivals like the Porsche Cayman or Audi TT. The steering is well weighted and gives the driver confidence on the move, but it can be hard work at low speeds.

It's not the most refined car in its class. It's fine when revving through the gears on a track but at motorway speeds it can be a tad annoying. The ride is, as you'd expect, firm, which makes long journeys a little bit uncomfortable.

We asked a couple of professionals to share their views on the 4C. Watch the video above to find out what they had to say.