Tips for buying a used car

Knowing which makes are considered reliable can be a deciding factor in buying the right vehicle for your needs. It also allows you to buy with confidence. However, when purchasing a reliable pre-owned car you still want to follow all the regular checks that you would normally do. It’s best practice to:

  • Check with the seller the interior and exterior of the used car and make note of any bumps, scratches, and/or faults
  • Have a look at the interior quality and check how well it has been cared for, cleaned, and maintained
  • Check for accident damage: for any dents, paint discolouration, and/or panel gaps
  • Be prepared to walk away if the car or the price does not meet your expectations, but be clear with the seller and give them a chance to meet you half way
  • Be prepared to negotiate in advance

Top 10 most reliable used cars

One great aspect about reliable used cars, aside from the obvious point that you could enjoy cheaper servicing and maintenance bills in the long run, is the fact that you can find some fantastic pre-owned vehicles with high mileage that still perform brilliantly and with a long lifespan still under the hood. It gives buyers greater choice and the ability to buy a second run-around motor for everyday use or even a premium auto at a fraction of the typical price. Read on to discover our top 10 most reliable used cars.