Before we list the most popular superminis, first of all, what is a supermini? Well, it’s a relatively small class of car that bridges the gap between compact city cars, like the Skoda Citigo and Ford Ka, and family hatchbacks, such as the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Fiesta. In other words, superminis are more spacious for everyday driving than compact vehicles, yet they still have small dimensions for daily city use, usually by sacrificing some of the boot space enjoyed by larger hatchbacks.

7 reasons to buy a supermini

Superminis are a popular choice for drivers who spend a lot of time driving through busy cities and for those who still require a good level of practicality and manoeuvrability. But the selling points of a supermini don’t stop there. Typically, superminis are:

  • Great value for money
  • Cheap to run, with good miles per gallon (MPG)
  • Nimble and fun to drive
  • Reliable and easy to fix
  • Cheap to insure
  • Great for building driver confidence
  • Easy to park

Top 10 best superminis

When it comes to the most popular superminis, they obviously offer that little bit extra, drawing buyers in with either a lot of standard equipment, an excellent safety record, a truly enjoyable driving experience, iconic stylish looks, or a combination of all of the above. Read on to see what we’ve chosen as our most popular top 10 best superminis.


The Ford Fiesta is not only the most popular supermini, it’s also one of the best-selling cars in the UK and it’s easy to see why. Quite simply, the Fiesta is a class-leader when it comes to an enjoyable driving experience. It has agile handling and the performance to match, resulting in a car that is a lot of fun to drive. It’s also cheap to run and it has iconic looks.

Furthermore, the Fiesta earned a full five star safety rating in stringent Euro NCAP testing. It comes fairly well-equipped as standard as well, with a smart 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus a lane-keeping system and automatic headlamps.

The Fiesta also offers a decent 292-litre boot, expanding to 1,093 litres with the rear seats down, proving itself to be an all-round fantastic supermini.

Best Features

  • Lots of fun to drive
  • Cheap to run
  • Iconic looks



In close second, the Volkswagen Polo is a car that’s hot on the heels of the Fiesta in terms of popularity, the two cars leading the way in the supermini class. Similarly, the Polo is also a lot of fun to drive, although the Fiesta is definitely more engaging. Yet the Polo also offers low running costs and a more practical 351-litre boot.

It boasts a superb five-star Euro NCAP safety rating too. Additionally, the VW Polo enjoys strong German build quality, with a more conservative look that some drivers will find more appealing for its low-key approach to styling.

For equipment, it comes as standard with an 8.0-inch touchscreen, automatic headlights, and useful safety tech like Autonomous Emergency Breaking (AEB) and a driver attention alert. Inside, the car has a comfortable cabin as well, with a premium feel to it and a nice layout.

Best Features

  • Fun to drive
  • Strong build quality
  • Very practical boot



In the UK, the Vauxhall Corsa has always been a car that’s good value for money, with cheap running costs. Yet despite its popularity, the supermini has often fallen just short of the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo. However, the latest Corsa clearly sets its sights higher. The car has recently seen a major overhaul, following a takeover from the PSA Group (home to Citroen and Peugeot).

It now shares a platform with the Peugeot 208, which has resulted in more nimble handling and a lighter body for a well-rounded driving experience, as well as new styling that is edgy and attractive.

Entry-level models come with a 7.0-inch touchscreen and cruise control, whilst practicality has been increased with a larger 309-litre boot. The Corsa also scored a commendable four out of five stars in Euro NCAP safety tests too.

Best Features

  • Well-rounded driving experience
  • Good value for money
  • Practical and cheap to run



Offering high levels of comfort and refinement rarely found in this class of supermini, the Seat Ibiza is a fantastic all-rounder of a car. From the stylish exterior, to a spacious cabin, the Ibiza is a fierce contender for a podium spot.

It has strong build quality and superb levels of practicality, with a 355-litre boot. It’s also fun to drive and equipped with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, plus Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto as standard.

The fact it is in fourth place is no criticism of this near faultless car, rather it speaks of the popularity of the frontrunners. However, we expect the Ibiza to tip the scales more in its favour after scoring a full five stars in Euro NCAP safety tests.

Best Features

  • Highly comfortable and refined
  • Superb levels of practicality
  • Fun to drive


5. PEUGEOT 208

Tasked with recapturing a fair share of the supermini market, the Peugeot 208 has succeeded in its original goals, whilst also bringing a joyous sense of playfulness back to the market.

From its sporty and stylish exterior, to the eye-catching interior, it’s clear the Peugeot 208 has been designed to be as much fun as possible. And it hits the mark. The car offers a strong performance on the road, providing an engaging (and fun) driving experience.

As standard, it comes packed with kit too, including: a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, AEB, automatic lights, and rear parking sensors to make it even easier to park. Adding to the car’s popularity is a practical 311-litre boot and a noteworthy four star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Best Features

  • Fun to drive
  • Stylish exterior
  • Playful and joyous



With strong build quality and excellent levels of reliability, it’s no wonder the Honda Jazz is a popular supermini. It’s also a car that’s very easy to drive, with light steering for nimble trips around town. And the Jazz doesn’t stop there. It also offers fantastic practicality with an impressive 354-litre boot.

It remains incredibly cheap to run and insure, plus it has a high residual value on the used car market.

Whilst entry-level models might not be as well-equipped as others on this list, it still comes with Bluetooth hands free connectivity, cruise control, a four-speaker sound system, and steering wheel-mounted audio controls. It’s also a very safe car. In 2015, the Honda Jazz scored a full five stars in Euro NCAP safety tests.

Best Features

  • Very easy to drive
  • Excellent reliability
  • High residual value



Another car (like the Honda Jazz) that scores very highly in the reliability department, the Toyota Yaris is a supermini that’s very good value for money, with an attractive starting price and lots of safety kit, from autonomous emergency braking, to automatic lights, and a lane departure warning. No doubt these features add to the car’s popularity, along with its fresh looks, updated styling, and excellent five-star safety record.

Whilst the car sits on the smaller side of the supermini class, with a 286-litre boot and a smaller cabin than others like the Volkswagen Polo and Seat Ibiza, its dinky dimensions actually add to the car’s charms and styling. And its size also makes it even easier to park.

Best Features

  • Good value for money
  • Great reliability record
  • Lots of safety kit


8. AUDI A1

When it comes to the most popular premium supermini, the Audi A1 is a leader. As part of the Audi brand it carries the marque’s clear sign of quality, with superior German build quality, a plush cabin with refined materials, and desirable sporty looks. It carries a level of prestige with the Audi name alone, which excels it above rival superminis.

Of course, it has a higher starting price too, but it also comes packed with lots of safety gear and equipment, including: an 8.8-inch touchscreen, a smartphone interface, LED headlights, AEB with pedestrian and cyclist detection, in addition to a lane departure warning and hill-hold assist.

Plus, the A1 scored a full five stars in the recent 2019 Euro NCAP safety tests. And as you’d also expect from an Audi, it is fun to drive too.

Best Features

  • Premium supermini
  • Superior build quality
  • Fun to drive



The Mini hatchback has long been a popular supermini on British roads, thanks to its low centre of gravity and compact dimensions, which work with agile handling to produce a car that’s as go-kart like as you can get (without getting into an actual go-kart).

The unwavering popularity of the car can be boiled down to three points: firstly, it’s a lot of fun to drive. Secondly, it has classic, iconic looks. Thirdly, it enjoys premium build quality, with an impressive cabin that has a luxury hint to it. That would be enough to cement any car’s success, but the Mini Hatch also offers a commendable four star safety rating and a useful 211-litre boot. But we think, the Mini excels so well in the first two point, the others are really just added bonuses.

Best Features

  • Lots of fun to drive
  • Classic, iconic looks
  • Premium cabin & build



It might not be as fun as other cars on our list of the most popular superminis, yet the Renault Clio has endured its popularity thanks to the car’s high levels of practicality.

It has a class-leading 391-litre boot and it offers a refined driving experience. The cabin is very comfortable and spacious too, proving pleasant to drive around town and on longer journeys as well.

Plus, entry-level variants come stacked with equipment, including 16-inch alloy wheels, Bluetooth, automatic LED headlights, air conditioning, and electric wing mirrors.

You also get excellent safety kit like AEB, lane-keeping assist, cruise control, and traffic sign recognition. Unsurprisingly, such useful assist tech helped the Clio achieve five stars in Euro NCAP testing. For an all-rounder of a supermini, the Renault Clio is one of the best on the market.

Best Features

  • Class-leading practicality
  • Lots of standard equipment
  • Great all-rounder supermini


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