There’s a common misconception in the motoring world that a sports car must cost an excessive amount of money to own. Sure, there are some high-performance vehicles that come with price tags to match, but there are also one’s that are just as iconic, capable, and fun with more affordable starting prices. And if you buy second-hand, you can find epic sports cars that are astonishingly cheap.


When it comes to buying a high-performance vehicle, it’s a good idea to choose one you feel connected to and one where the controls feel right for you. Remember, it isn’t just about brake horsepower, but rather the overall balance of performance. When you’ve bought your sports car, consider:

  • A track day to see what the car can really do
  • Joining an organised hill climbing event to compete with other drivers
  • Joining an owner’s club to share tips and insider knowledge


We think you might be surprised by the affordable high-performance vehicles available for under £50k. You might be more surprised to learn there are cars on this list with pre-owned prices under £13k… And there’s no cutting back on quality either, all the vehicles mentioned below are well made and excellent fun to drive. Read on to discover what we’ve chosen as our top 10 best cheapest sports cars.