When depreciation hits a new car, some can drop in value between 15-30% in the first year and others up to as much as 50% in just over three years. Naturally, as buyers we want to purchase a car that has strong residuals, which will allow you to get a better sale price further down the line should you decide to sell your auto. With that in mind, we’re here to list the best PHEVs that hold their value, even after the first few years.


PHEVs, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, are one of the four main types of hybrid powertrains (the other variants being: self-charging, mild, and the range-extender). The way PHEVs work is they pair a combustion engine (usually petrol) with an electric motor, allowing the driver to switch between the two whenever needed. Typically, PHEVs offer:

  • Excellent miles per gallon and fuel consumption – as long as you use the electric motor and keep the battery fully charged
  • A large battery that can be recharged at a charge point
  • Good range on the electric motor (often above 20+ miles)
  • A more environmentally friendly ride compared to combustibles with reduced CO2 emissions
  • A bridge for motorists who wish to reduce their carbon footprint, but who are still unsure about full-electric vehicles


Usually, PHEVs cost a little more upfront compared to their petrol and diesel counterparts and that’s to cover the cost of the more expensive components, like the battery and electric motor. However, if you do a lot of driving you could save money in the long run with a plug-in hybrid thanks to reduced fuel consumption and lower running costs. In addition, there are some excellent models that have strong residuals, which is great news for buyers who like to drive the latest cars and for anyone who may be looking to sell their vehicle after a few years. To discover the top 10 best PHEVs that hold their value, read on.