No car lets you enjoy the true freedom of the road like a convertible. There is something genuinely bewildering and romantic about the experience – although, two-seater models aren’t always practical for everyday life or for growing families. This is where the four-seater convertible steps in, offering the purity of the open road with added practicality, allowing you to share the experience with friends and family.


When it comes to owning a convertible, whether it is a two or a four-seater, there are some practical things to be aware of. Veteran owners will be well-versed in these simple tips, but if you’re new to the world of convertibles, they may just help you have a better experience off the bat. Our top tips for convertible owners are:

  • Be prepared for all weather types and always keep a long sleeved top or jacket in the car in case you get chilly
  • Keep the windows up when the top’s down to reduce wind turbulence
  • Understand your car’s roof – some have to be manually/automatically folded whilst stopped at a standstill, others can be automatically folded whilst driving at low speeds… be sure to know which or risk the sadness of tearing your roof
  • Know your car’s doors – 2-door convertibles often have longer doors which is important to remember when you try to squeeze into a tighter parking space
  • When driving with the top down, be sparing with windscreen wash… unless you want a shower
  • If it’s a really sunny day, don’t forget to wear that sun cream and to keep hydrated
  • Always put the top up when you’re not in the car and take your belongs too
  • And remember, always keep the roof up when you go to a car wash!


On a clear day, find yourself a nice long stretch of open road, put the roof down and drive off into the sunset in a four seater convertible with your friends and family. There’s nothing quite like it. Nor any experience as chic as hitting the beach in a car with an open top. Enjoy a true sense of freedom on the road and a taste of luxury that you can share with others, with our top 10 best four seater convertibles. If you’re considering buying a convertible, you can use our car loan calculator to help you with every step of car financing. Read on to see what we’ve picked.