When it comes to choosing the best family car, child safety is always an important factor. As parents, we want to know the safety and reliability record of our vehicle should the worst happen and an accident take place. The best way to check this information is with the European New Car Assessment Programme, also known as the Euro NCAP.

The Euro NCAP

This independent organisation performs rigorous tests on most of the cars sold in the UK and Europe. During these tests, the Euro NCAP rates each vehicle out of 5 and gives a separate percentage score that focuses on four levels:

  • Adult occupant protection
  • Child occupant protection
  • Pedestrian protection / vulnerable road users
  • Safety assists (which tests standard driver assists and safety equipment)

For this top 10 list, we’ve taken every aspect of the car into account, with a strong focus on child occupant protection. Please note however that some cars have still scored highly, despite having a lower score in child occupant protection. This is because we’ve also considered the car’s driver assist technologies – which should help prevent accidents in the first place.

Top 10 Best Family Cars for Child Safety

With an impressive range of new technologies, like autonomous emergency braking (AEB), the cars of today are proving themselves far safer than ever before. As the safety technology in cars improves, so do the Euro NCAP’s safety standards, reflecting the growing changes in the automotive industry. All of the cars on this list:

  • Have been tested in 2017 and 2018 by Euro NCAP
  • Scored the maximum 5-star rating
  • Have scored above 85% for child occupant protection
  • Come with Rear seat ISOFIX fixtures
  • Feature an excellent selection of airbags in the front, passenger and rear seats
  • Have an Airbag cut-off switch on the passenger side for rear facing car seats
  • Come with some impressive driver assist technology as standard

With the above points in mind, take a moment to consider what you’re looking for in your ideal family car. Now read on to discover the top 10 cars for child safety.