To be faced with car insurance, running costs, and the initial price of a vehicle, you may feel a little deflated after the joy of passing your driving test as a young driver. However, your first car needn’t be an expensive one. In fact, you can find some fantastic used car deals for less than £2k and choose from an excellent selection of vehicles which are well-suited to the needs of young drivers.


Before you take your hard earned money and splash out on a vehicle, do a little bit of preparation work, it’ll help you go a lot further in the long run. And you could also net a better deal too. Firstly:

  • Create a budget and include running costs and insurance
  • Find what types of cars you like most
  • Do some research into the vehicles, from the average costs, to what reviewers say
  • Check out variations and compare prices, models, and mileage
  • Settle on two or three cars that suit your needs
  • If you can, take the cars on a test drive

When you’ve settled on a vehicle to buy and you’re ready to purchase, before you hand over your money you’ll want to check the car over. Look for:

  • Any signs of damage and check all the electrics
  • General wear and tear (inside and out)
  • The car and service history and how well it’s been cared for
  • Worn or uneven tyres
  • Rust (particularly under the bonnet)
  • Whether the mileage matches the car’s condition


With a budget of £2k, you should have no trouble finding a good second-hand car, particularly when it comes to smaller vehicle types like compact city cars, superminis, and hatchbacks. And that’s great news because these types of vehicles are often cheap to run and cheap to insure. They are also well-suited to young drivers, with an ease of use that helps build driver confidence. Please, read on to discover our top 10 best cars under £2k for young drivers.