Whilst no longer the behemoth it once was, the UK car manufacturing industry is still responsible for producing some world-class vehicles. With a long automotive heritage, Britain has a string of iconic car designs and reputable nameplates to its credit, as well as a host of brands that are considered quintessentially British. But what cars are the best?


Whether you are feeling patriotic or just inquisitive about our automotive industry, buying British comes with a handful of benefits. Although it may not seem massively important from the outset, the reasons certainly add up to become significant. Typically, buying a car built on home soil will:

  • Lower your carbon footprint (as the vehicle will not have to be shipped from overseas)
  • Support the British automotive industry, including the many jobs within it
  • Support the UK economy and infrastructure
  • Possibly save you money – this could be more of a point following Britain’s exit from the EU, depending on the UK/EU trade deal and the tariffs placed on imported cars from Europe


When it comes to this category it’s easy to think of quintessential British brands like Jaguar, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Mini… but the truth is these brands are no longer owned by British companies or investors, instead the marques have been adopted by overseas interests. In fact, there are very few truly British car companies left in the automotive industry, although there are still lots of British-built vehicles from famous brands as diverse as Toyota, Nissan, and Vauxhall. That’s why we’ve essentially split this list into two parts: the first three autos are from three of the very few remaining British car companies, fourth place straddles the line, whilst the last six (5-10) are the best British-built vehicles. Read on to discover our top picks.