When it comes to sports enthusiasts, the best 4x4s have to offer more than a dusty off-road adventure. They have to offer space for equipment, room for friends to share in the experience, and extra space for their equipment too. The 4x4s we’ve chosen meet those demands, providing on and off-road journeys well-suited to sporting individuals. 


When it comes to off-road capabilities and challenging terrain, no other car is more capable than a 4×4. Whether crossing over mud, through water, or tackling a steep incline, a 4×4 will have your back. But that’s not all. Typically, 4x4s also offer: 

  • Better traction (ideal for adverse weather)
  • More cabin space
  • Excellent towing capacity
  • A higher ride position
  • Greater visibility
  • A lot of practicality for carrying equipment


Another selling point for sports enthusiasts to consider is the fact that a good 4×4 looks the part as wellFurthermore, a 4×4 won’t just shuttle you to and from adventures, it will join you in them too, in addition to carrying your equipment. Whether that’s with a roof rack lined with two canoes or towing a bike trailer stacked with mountain bikes, a 4×4 emphasises and improves the enjoyment of an adventurous lifestyle. Read on to see what we’ve picked for our top 10 best 4x4s for sports enthusiasts.