If you haven’t heard of them before, What3Words are the company that has created an innovative and efficient solution to addressing navigational problems around the world.

Most drivers will know that following a postcode doesn’t always mean you’ll get to exactly where you want to go. Postcodes can be difficult to remember, are often given incorrectly and frequently guide us to the wrong entrance or worse — the wrong place.

To resolve this widely acknowledged issue, What3Words decided to map the entire world, divide it into 3m x 3m squares and assign each square a unique 3 worded address code. This address code takes users to the exact entrance of their desired location using unique GPS coordinates which provide a level of accuracy that street addresses and postcodes cannot. In turn, the What3Words app offers an incredibly simple way to speak about and remember a location, solving the issue of finding remote or difficult to describe places.


At Motors.co.uk, the team knows that it can be frustrating to try and find your way to a dealership, especially if they have an ambiguous street address that doesn’t register on a satnav or if they are particularly remote. As of February 2019, Motors.co.uk began to utilise the What3Words system on their site to help customers find dealerships more easily. The What3Words application can be found on the vehicle listing page on map view when looking at a dealer’s location.

Following this recent collaboration with What3Words, Motors.co.uk are excited to announce the debut of our latest model comparison video with a twist. Branching away from traditional comparison and review videos, this latest video features the What3Words navigation system, the Audi A3 Sportback, the Audi A Class A200, and two very excitable dogs.

Jack and Nige, the Motors.co.uk car experts and video presenters, compared the What3Words navigation system in the Audi A Class A200 against the traditional satnav featured in the Audi A3 Sportback. With their furry friends in tow, both presenters set off on a drive from a very rainy Portsmouth town centre to a remote location in the depths of the New Forest where they hoped to walk their dogs. To make things a little more interesting, they decided to have a competition to see which navigation system would get them there first.

Make sure you check out the video itself, to see which man and his dog made it to the New Forest first.