When it comes to running a car, one of the steepest bills many of us face – particularly younger drivers – are insurance premiums.

However, new research has found the extreme disparity in terms of premiums based on the city where you live, with some locations’ insurance premiums being almost triple those of others.

The study by BookMyGarage found that Liverpool was the most expensive place to insure a car, with an average quote costing a steep £884.51 in the city. This was followed by Manchester (£848.97), Birmingham (£738.67), Bradford (£736.77) and London (£725.60).

As for the cities that attract the lowest insurance premiums, it seems Scotland is the cheapest place to get car cover, with six cities there appearing in the 10 least expensive places to insure a car.

At the top was Aberdeen, where an average quote is said to cost just £309.14. This was followed by Perth (£324.64), Truro (£325.20), Inverness (£339.42) and Winchester (£347.10).

Jessica Potts of BookMyGarage.com, said: “Location is one of the most important factors determining car insurance costs. The majority of claims occur within just five miles of the driver’s home, so residing in areas with higher theft and accident rates impacts premiums.

“While the research shows what a typical driver in these locations can expect to pay, it doesn’t cover every eventuality. Some may find their circumstances produce different results. The study does give us an intriguing insight into the regional difference across the UK – it is certainly good news for some.”

The research was calculated on the 60 most populated UK cities, with the site basing quotes on a fixed driver and vehicle profile, with the variable being the address of the car – based on randomly generated addresses in close proximity to the city centre.