• Mum vs Dad

    Mum vs Dad

    When taking a trip with the kids in the car, whether it’s a quick trip to the supermarket or a long journey to visit relatives, mums and dads will usually have a say in which…

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  • Driving Myths Debunked

    Driving Myths Debunked

    As long as there have been cars, there have been myths and old wives’ tales about driving. Some are more enduring than others, and soon become ‘facts’ – but, rest assured, we’ve found out the…

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  • The World's Strangest Driving Laws

    The World's Strangest Driving Laws

    Did you know that in some English towns it’s technically an arrestable offence to carry a pig through the high street during market days? Okay, maybe not – but you’re bound to have heard about…

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  • Upcoming Car Shows

    Upcoming Car Shows

    For car enthusiasts, motor shows offer a unique opportunity to mingle with other petrolheads and to sample the best that the motoring world has to offer. Motorsport at the Palace – 26th – 27th May,…

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  • Fuelling Cars

    Fuelling Cars

    It’s no secret that the world’s resources of fossil fuels are slowly depleting. It takes thousands of years for oil reserves to form, but far less time to pump it out of the ground and…

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  • UK car production at 4yr high

    UK car production at 4yr high

    The past month has brought two reasons to celebrate the burgeoning car industry in the UK – despite more financial doom and gloom impacting the rest of the European Union. According to data released by…

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  • Best in-car gadgets

    Best in-car gadgets

    As the cutting edge of technology continues to dig into almost all aspects of our day-to-day lives, it’s in developers’ best financial interests to ensure they’re making gadgets which make life easier for all of…

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  • What lies ahead for Vauxhall in 2013?

    What lies ahead for Vauxhall in 2013?

    It’s no secret that the British car industry has been struggling with the recent economic downturn, with sales of new cars dropping. Many consumers are now choosing to buy used cars in order to save…

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  • Hyundai Santa Fe Named Safest Car

    Hyundai Santa Fe Named Safest Car

    The Santa Fe by Hyundai has recently been name the safest large 4×4 vehicle. Reviewed in 2012, this specimen boasts a modern exterior, safety features galore, and optional seating for 7 – this is one…

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