• Millions driving home for Christmas

    Millions driving home for Christmas

    Whether you’ve planned an idyllic getaway with a special someone, or you’re simply heading back home, you certainly won’t be alone on your travels this Christmas, with around 23 million people expected to make some…

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  • Fast and Furious fan ignites own car

    Fast and Furious fan ignites own car

    Since the death of Hollywood actor Paul Walker late in November, fans around the world have gathered to pay tribute, often with huge turnouts of performance cars – a nod to Walker’s famous role as…

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  • Santa's Sleigh Infographic

    Santa's Sleigh Infographic

    Christmas is very nearly upon us! But in the midst of all the festive preparations, gift making, present wrapping and list checking, it seems Santa forgot to renew his sleigh flying licence. Motors.co.uk came to…

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  • Say goodbye to the humble windscreen wiper

    Say goodbye to the humble windscreen wiper

    The ubiquitous windscreen wiper may soon be a thing of the past thanks to new technology developed by UK supercar manufacturer McLaren. The Woking-based company has confirmed that they are developing a vibrating windscreen to…

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  • Nissan 370Z Nismo video review

    Nissan 370Z Nismo video review

    Bored of sleek but sensible sports coupes? Nissan seems to be too, and has decided we all need livening up a little with the 370Z Nismo. Based on the current 370Z coupe, the Nismo wears…

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  • Porsche Boxster video review

    Porsche Boxster video review

    You’d only buy a Porsche Boxster because you can’t afford a 911, right? Ever noticed how its only people who’ve never driven a Boxster that say that? Anyone who has will recognise that despite being…

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  • Toyota GT86 video review

    Toyota GT86 video review

    With the GT86, Toyota took a different approach. Where its rivals were keen to outdo each other with ever increasing power outputs and faster lap times, the GT86 is a very different beast. Indeed, with…

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  • Lotus Elise video review

    Lotus Elise video review

    Ever since its inception, Lotus has been making sports cars free from the burden of luxury trappings, instead offering customers cars shorn of all unnecessary weight in the pursuit of peerless performance and handling. The…

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  • Audi TT video review

    Audi TT video review

    If you’re after a stylish, well built and easy to live with sports coupe, the Audi TT is an obvious choice. Ever since the trailblazing original, the TT coupe has continued that car’s sales success,…

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