Govt discounts end soon but Korean maker will keep offering £2000 savings on new cars Hyundai has weighed into the growing tussle to draw buyers once the Government’s cash-for-scrap discount scheme for new cars ends next month.

The scheme, which has run since May 2009, has boosted the Korean car-makers’ sales totals massively. It has added over 33,000 extra sales to its books – a performance that only Ford has beaten.

Keen to maintain sales, Hyundai will fund the £2000 scrappage discounts on all its cars even after the government stops chipping in. And where the current scheme allows the discount on cars which are at least 10 years old, Hyundai’s own scheme will widen the scope to include cars from seven years old. The company says as many as 6.4 million of the UK’s cars will be eligible for the deal, which it calls ‘Trade and upgrade’.

If that’s not enough, Hyundai is also giving owners who’ve already bought using the scrappage scheme the chance to upgrade to a new ‘10’ reg car for just £499. That price applies to the i10 city car; for the i20 (pictured) and i30, it’s £599 and £749 respectively. The company points out that, once the cost of a year’s road tax and a service is added in, the real ‘cost to change’ starts at £250, while 2010 i20s get electronic stability programme and an improved interior as standard. Hyundai calls this deal ‘Happy Returns’.

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