The BMW 4-Series was introduced in 2014 as the three-door coupe version of the 3-Series.

Prior to that, 3-Series cars came in both five-door and three-door configurations, but BMW changed its naming structure so that odd numbers represented more practical five-door models, while even numbers represented the sportier coupe versions.

It offers a low centre of gravity and near 50:50 weight distribution, making it a great option for those looking for a sporty car.

The 4-Series is available as a coupe, convertible and ‘gran coupe’, which features a taller roof and comes with five doors – yes, BMW has made its naming conventions even more confusing with its commitment to filling every possible niche!

We’re focusing on the coupe in this article. However, prices for gran coupe models will be similar, while convertible models command a premium of a few thousand pounds.

The smart choice for those on a budget: 420i SE Coupe

The entry level 4-Series is the best way to get into the range if you’re on a budget. It might not get many bling extras on the exterior but it still gets the model’s sleek and smart styling.

The aggressively styled headlights are Xenon for both the low and high beam and come with a washing system. There are also BMW’s signature LED light rings, while fog lights are on all trim levels as standard.

The 17-inch alloy wheels do look a little plain and small for the size of the car, but there are a variety of wheel upgrades available that wouldn’t add much to the monthly payment.

Inside, standard equipment includes a 6.5-inch display screen with BMW emergency call, Bluetooth connectivity and USB control. The Black Dakota leather interior comes as standard with heated front seats and silver trim.

The BMW 420i SE starts at £30,260.

The smart choice for value for money: BMW 430d Luxury Coupé

Those looking for extra equipment and performance without going all-out for an ‘M’ car should look no further than the 430d Luxury Coupe.

It might be a diesel but it still offers decent performance thanks to an engine that makes 258bhp. However, it’s been tuned to be economical when not being driven hard so can return 55mpg on more relaxed trips.

Inside, the leather upholstery comes with exclusive stitching, while the console panel highlights are fitted in chrome. The front seats are replaced with more cossetting sports seats, while wood and chrome finishes are used throughout the cabin.

The exterior upgrades include a smart set of 18-inch alloy wheels, chrome exhaust and metallic paint.

It starts at £40,445. That might seem like a big jump over the SE, but the equipment levels are vastly improved and the engine offers better performance while still being economical to run.

The smart choice for technophiles: 440i M Sport Coupé

Technophiles will love the top-spec M Sport coupe, which gets a 326bhp petrol engine.

In this trim the driver gets the option of selecting from a number of different drive modes that make the car fast, more relaxing to drive or more economical.

There’s also an M Sport-specific instrument cluster and steering wheel, while the gear selector is wrapped in Nappa leather.

The standard 18-inch wheels feature an ‘M’ division double-spoke design, while the bodywork receives unique, sportier styling.

The BMW 440i M Sport Coupe starts at £42,235 for the manual, or £43,755 for the automatic.