If you're searching for an affordable car with a touch of continental flair, Fiat's latest Panda is well worth a look.

The range offers a choice of two petrols; a 68bhp 1.2 litre petrol or a .9 litre with 84bhp. If you prefer diesel, theres a 1.3 litre unit with 74bhp, which is the better choice if you regularly find yourself out of town as it’s stronger and more flexible.

Realistically though, the Panda is a city runabout, and most versions soak up lumps and bumps really well. Take it out of town on twisty roads though and the body bobs around, feeling particularly unsettled.

The light steering is great for town driving, and the city mode makes light work of parking.

The Panda's dash is neatly laid out and carries over much of the squircle theme throughout, incorporated on the wheel, dials and controls. Visibility is also pretty good. The tall body means even six footers can get comfortable, however legroom in the back is a little tight, and the extra fifth seat is a cost option. The boot is a decent shape and can be extended thanks to folding seats, but if you want split folding rear seats, it'll cost you slightly more.

We love the quirky styling and comfort of the Panda, and with the low capacity engines it’ll be cheap to run. However, it’s not the most spacious offering out there, and it is quite expensive to buy and equip to a decent level.

Likes: Image, Running costs, Comfort

Dislikes: Space, Pricey, Equipment