Yesterday, to celebrate St George’s Day, we were looking at some classic British films and their iconic car scenes. Today, we’re taking a look at some great British pop culture names and what sort of motors they’re driving. You might even be able to get a second-hand version of one of their cars here on!

Jaguar is a popular make for a number of British celebs on the list; not surprising as this iconic brand has been producing beautiful and stylish cars for decades – and not forgetting their speed either. James Corden, star of the brilliant Gavin and Stacey and stand-up comedian with varying success, drives a Jaguar XKR Convertible, while Michael McIntyre (another funnyman) drives the regular Jag XKR. We spot a reoccurring theme here – maybe Jaguar should be advertising in the Apollo?

Supposedly suave but really slightly slimy entrepreneur and former singer Rod Stewart, unsurprisingly, drives a flash V12 Ferrari, although we’re not sure how useful one of those beasts would be in gridlocked London traffic. Musician and ex-Beatles member Paul McCartney drives a similarly impressive Corvette C6 Convertible: an American car that clearly shows his love of the US! However, famous-for-marrying-Katie-Price ‘singer’ (we use the term loosely) Peter Andre is clearly attached to British motoring as he chooses to zoom around in a stylish Bentley Continental GT.

Actors in the UK seem to drive cars that suit their acting personality. Jason Statham, all round hard man and adrenalin junkie, drives a revving V10 Audi S8, perfectly reflecting his full on acting style. On the other hand, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, star of the Tudors and Bend It Like Beckham, drives a stylish but smooth Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid. Sensible yet sexy – just like his acting style!

And there’s one family we can’t forget this year (or when we’re celebrating the best of British). The Royals, aside from normally being driven in flashy cars (or carriages) also do have their own motors. The most modest is Prince William, who tootles round town in an understated Audi A5, showing us that he really is one of us plebs. Well, nearly!